I'm April. I've been photographing weddings for the past ten years. I have a wonderful husband and a sweet baby girl (her name is Gwen). In my free time, you will find me hiking with my family; taking care of all my plants (my house is a jungle, lol); spending time with my two rambunctious dogs; or listening to music or  a podcast. 

Our day to day looks a little different at the moment (partly because of the pandemic and partly because of being new parents), but we try to look at every day as an adventure!  

Want to know more about me? Here are a few random facts:

*I've been a vegetarian for around 16 years.

* I met my husband online.

*I love plants! Infact, I recently started my own plant group on FB called Huntsville Plant Ladies (definitely join it, if you love plants).

*I'm very much a list person. 

*I adore dogs (especially rescues), and would have a ton if my husband would let me (two large dogs will have to do for now).

*I actually went to school for photography (which I know isn't super common).

(Image by: Twenty Oaks Photography)