Family shot lists // Why they are important

Let’s start from the beginning. What is a family shot list and why is it important?

A family shot list is a list of family member combinations that you would like taken on your wedding day (I provide a template thats a wonderful starting point and makes it a little easier). The reality is, all families are different so predicting who you are closest to can be challenging. Having a list of important family shots is a way to help us know who you are close to and which shots you will want with those individuals.

I always encourage my couples to do a family shot list no matter how small their families are. Not only does it make sure we are on the same page but it will allow you to think about your families and prioritizing your time before the actual wedding day. It’s always harder to do this on the day of the wedding (the less you have to think that day, the  better).

While we’re on the topic of family shots, another important thing to think about is the background of your family pictures. The family pictures typically take place at the ceremony site. Usually because there’s seating for those who need it and the ceremony area is easy to get to (for less mobile family members). It’s a good idea to pre visualize what you would like the background of those pictures to look like and then decorate accordingly. When thinking about the background, pick something that will look good as a close up and also as a wide shot  (or full-body group shots).

Don’t get me wrong, family shot lists definitely aren’t fun (its tedious and becomes repetitive quickly). Since there’s no re-dos on wedding days, you’ll be glad you took the time to list out such important shots!

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