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Yes, I’m a wedding photographer, but what else do I do?

As most can guess, I’m a wedding photographer so of course I take photos. BUT, that’s not all I do. Each wedding is a large project that includes lots of communication, a detailed timeline, and a ton of prep work leading up to the wedding (especially on the day of the wedding). There are always batteries to charge, lenses to pack, camera bags to organize, assistants & 2nd shooters to schedule, memory cards to clean off, and a hundred other small things leading up to the wedding day.


Speaking of timelines, let’s talk about those! A detailed timeline is SOO important on a wedding day. This makes sure we (the vendors, the wedding party, and immediate family members) are all on the same page on the wedding day. Do we run behind sometimes? Of course! But all of us knowing where we should be and what we have to do is SO IMPORTANT. Nobody can remember everything on a wedding day so a timeline does a few helpful things:

1.) It makes us talk about priorities BEFORE the day of the wedding. Which means I know exactly what are priorities to my clients and what are not, that way, we don’t waste any time or forget anything on the wedding day).

2.) It’s a helpful reminder throughout the day for all involved.

3.) It allows us to talk about both of your families while we make the “family shot list” which will help us stay organized during the oh-so-crazy family portraits– the worse thing is not getting a photo with someone you’re close to, and since everyone’s family dynamics are different, this list is so valuable.

After every wedding, I usually come across a handful of pictures of myself (from my 2nd shooter). Typically, we’re just testing lighting and making sure our settings are good. Here are a few, just for fun 🙂


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